TA Shusha: A Typography Reflecting the Spirit of Shusha
TA Shusha font is a unique typeface, primarily structured around the initials of the city of Shusha, namely 'Ş', 'U', and 'A'. Inspired by the rich history and diverse cultural heritage of Shusha city, this font is meticulously designed to represent the languages of different peoples, its mountains, fortresses, as well as its historical and cultural monuments.
The font is offered in 5 different sizes and also includes italic versions to lend a dynamic look to your texts.
In addition to supporting the Latin alphabet, TA Shusha font is localized for Polish characters, ensuring that Polish diacritics, such as acute accents, are specially designed. Not only does TA Shusha font support the Latin alphabet, but it also encompasses the Armenian and Cyrillic alphabets. Furthermore, it provides special Cyrillic scripts for countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, and Macedonia, enabling its usage in various cultural contexts.
TA Shusha font is specifically designed to express the rich and diverse heritage of Shusha. You can choose TA Shusha font to reflect this unique historical and cultural context in your typography.
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