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You can install fonts on your computer for a specified number of users. Suitable for logos and corporate identity, non-commercial PDFs, printed materials, merchandise, and social media posts. Not suitable for videos (see Video license).
Suitable for use on websites. The price depends on the number of monthly visitors. Not suitable for websites that allow users to create their own products or for use on SaaS platforms (see Server license).

Applicable for a specified number of mobile apps. If an app has the same title but is available on different OSs, it will still be considered as a single app. For desktop app usage, please contact us.

Video Games
Suitable for the embedding a font in the code of a specified number of video games.
Suitable for a specified number of videos, such as those used on social media, for blogging, on a YouTube or TV channel, for online or offline broadcasts.

Digital Ad/Emails
Suitable for displaying online banners, digital advertisements, and posters, and can also be used for promoting content on social media. The license price depends on the number of advertising impressions.

Suitable for the use in a specified number of e-books, e-magazines, commercial PDFs, or other electronic publications. One issue is considered as one publication (title). The font must not be extractable
Suitable for the use on websites and applications where unlicensed users can create a product using the selected font.

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